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SecureSchools Features

The SecureSchools app takes a three-pronged approach to developing cyber security in schools. Beginning with the alignment of IT configuration with the Cyber Essentials scheme and NCSC guidance, SecureSchools provides online cyber security awareness training and safely tests the school’s resilience to common cyber-attacks.



The SecureSchools Compliance Module performs automated checks on the school’s IT infrastructure and notifies the school of potential vulnerabilities and misconfigurations. These checks take the Cyber Essentials scheme and incorporates advice from the NCSC (National Cyber Security Centre), industry best practice and ISO information security standards.



The SecureSchools Skills Module is an online learning platform that provides the school’s staff with high-quality cyber security and data protection CPD. Staff are enrolled on different training courses depending on their roles and responsibilities within the school.



With IT infrastructure monitored for compliance and staff trained to recognise common cyber-attacks, the Drills Module allows the school to conduct safe, controlled attack simulations. This demonstrates the school’s capability to deal with real-world situations and identify where improvements could be made.


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