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Cyber Security Management
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The App

Staff in the UK’s primary schools are increasingly reliant on computing and technology in their everyday practice.

With increased reliance comes increased risk. Schools face the same cyber security threats as many other businesses and government organisations. This is particularly alarming considering the the sensitivity of the data held within the schools relating to pupils, parents and staff that could be compromised.

Many do not have in-house expertise in information security; they rely solely on their IT manager, IT team or managed service provider. Information technology and information security are very different disciplines and the priorities of each are often in contradiction.

SecureSchools exists to help the UK’s primary schools understand security risks, meet the Cyber Essentials security guidance outlined by our Government’s National Cyber Security Centre (NCSC) and comply with the GDPR data protection guidance set by the Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO).

SecureSchools has responded to these issues by developing an online tool that addresses three critical areas of cyber security; compliance, training and assurance.


Automated Configuration Checks

The Compliance Module performs real-time checks on the school’s network; including firewalls, websites and email configuration for common vulnerabilities.

Knowledge Transfer by Online Training

The Skills Module provides online security risk and threat awareness training to staff, tailored to their role and responsibilities within the school.

Safe, Controlled Cyber Attack Simulation

The Drills Module provides assurance by testing the school’s cyber defences against common attacks in a safe and controlled environment.


Schools and counting

Trusting SecureSchools to provide support with their data protection and cyber security.



Course Modules and Counting

Providing high-quality data protection and cyber threat awareness training to staff in UK primary schools.



Vulnerabilities Managed

Monitoring UK primary school networks for commonly exploited vulnerabilities.


“The great thing about Secure Schools is that it’s been developed specially with schools in mind and is school-friendly. As a result of our collaboration, the Trust now has a workforce that has a more developed understanding of e-safety as well as giving us the assurance that all our schools’ firewalls are continuallly monitored,”

CEO, The Rose Learning Trust